Failure: So what? What now? What’s next?

What the military taught me about failure, is the importance of what happens next and the choices that need to be made. To blame others, to stay down, or to get back up on my feet, is a choice that only I can make.

I learned that often soldiers had more trust in the leaders who had failed, learned from it, and made the necessary adjustments, than those who had not failed at all. That those who fail forward inspire others to do the same, often resulting in a more resilient team, and a culture of professional maturity.

So what? Acknowledge that what happened, has happened. That can’t be changed.

What now? Make the choice. Get back up and commit to fixing what went wrong.

What next? Don’t get bogged down in negativity. Learn from the experience and commit to moving forward as a better person.

Those who fail forward tend to be more committed, more focused, and more reliable.

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