Leadership and High Pressure Decision Making

Thinking clearly in times of pressure is not easy. Our thoughts can scatter and we can become bogged down in the situation, leading to clouded judgment, poor decisions, and less than favourable outcomes. Remaining focussed and making good calls under pressure is an essential quality of a good leader. This transformative workshop is designed to equip leaders with the vital skills needed to excel in high-stakes, pressurised situations. Join us to sharpen your focus, boost your team’s performance, and ensure success when it matters most.

Workshop Overview

Discover the power of precision. Our Leadership and High Pressure Decision Making workshop provides a framework that helps leaders focus their thoughts, attention, and actions in the right place at the right time. We draw on battle-tested techniques used by military leaders to help you make clear, effective business decisions under pressure.

We help reduce the stress associated with high pressure decision making by providing a simple and easy to follow process that has been tried, tested, and proven on the battlefield and in business.

How Leaders Benefit from Attending this Workshop

Participants will gain the confidence to make precise decisions under pressure, maintain unwavering focus, and learn stress-reduction techniques tailored for high-pressure situations. Our structured framework will provide you with a clear roadmap for success, increasing your chances of achieving favourable outcomes in critical scenarios.


Make confident choices in high-pressure scenarios, so you can consistently navigate critical situations with precision and success.
Learn to maintain laser-like concentration when it counts the most, which means you’ll reduce errors, stay on target and stay ahead of the competition.
Discover stress-reduction techniques tailored for high-pressure situations. Keep a cool head and make better choices when it counts.
Our structured framework guides your thoughts, attention, and actions, which means you’ll have a clear roadmap for success in high-pressure decision-making scenarios.
Increase the likelihood of favourable outcomes, with our easy to recall tools, so you can consistently achieve success in critical situations.


Our unique workshops will challenge your people to perform outside of their comfort zone in a simulated high stakes environment. They help foster confidence and growth as participants realise that they can do more than they thought, both individually, and as a team. Learn simple techniques used by the military to help you to deal with obstacles, set-backs and failure and get the opportunity to apply and practice your new skills throughout the program during our practical simulation training. Participants can expect a highly engaging, challenging, and exciting learning experience.

Each workshop is delivered over a five and a half-hour session, and is broken down into four components:


Build a solid foundation of knowledge. Learn highly effective tools and leadership strategies that are designed to be simple and easy to recall in times of adversity.


An opportunity for participants to practice applying their new tools in a safe to fail environment, under challenging and realistic, simulated conditions.

Reflection AND Observations

Unpack the lessons learned through structured reflection. Learn how to implement changes in the workplace and to provide and receive feedback to enable positive change.

Post-activity Learning

Learn how to develop a culture of continuous improvement within your teams, through a series of simple and easy to apply post-learning tools, techniques, and procedures.

Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your organisation’s culture and drive success. Contact us today to create a more united and efficient workforce, aspiring towards aligned company goals.

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